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Smallville - Trespass

Here's the recap to last night's episode of Smallville, which will be followed by some lovely words from yours truly about it.  Thanks to the fine folks of for the recap.

Lana is preparing for bed while considering the damaged chisel she took from the Kent barn after Lex stabbed Clark with it. She’s interrupted when someone calls her and sends her a photo of… her, preparing for bed with the chisel in the shot. She runs out into the hall and into Lex, who calls in security but they find nothing. They spot an open window and while they check it out, Lana hastily diverts Lex’s attention away from it until she can wrap it up. Lex dismisses her concern as paranoia over the press and Lana lies, agreeing it was just nerves.

Lex takes off on a flight and Lana goes to Chloe and admits she lied to Lex. Chloe offers to help track the phone call and Lana admits she has the chisel. Chloe goes to the barn, where Clark is talking with Martha and thinking someone’s been watching him. Chloe has traced the call to a photographer named Louis Esposito but wants Clark to follow up on him with Jimmy. Chloe admits that she can’t go to him because they broke up, and warns that Lana has the chisel and is suspicious about Clark.

At Chloe’s apartment, Lana starts to poke around on Chloe’s computer when she apparently sees someone outside. She goes to investigate and doesn’t find anyone, but spots a package with lingerie and a note saying her stalker wants her to wear it… when they kill her. A shadow comes in the door and Lana runs out the back door with a knife and into the press. Lana’s security guard Brady gets her back in where they find the note. Chloe and another security guard come in but there’s no one else there.

The next day at the Planet, Clark meets with Jimmy and explains he’s only interested in Chloe as a friend, then asks for his help in tracking down the photographer. Lex sees the photos and tells Brady to get Lana to safety. Lana insists on going to the last place anyone would look and orders Brady to take her to the Kent farm.

Martha puts her in Clark’s room and, looking around, Lana spots a photo of her tucked away. She then goes through a box in Clark’s drawer and finds a crystal pendant. Before she can look further she gets a call from her stalker who knows where she is. She notices blood under the door going out and finds a security guard, dead, his throat cut. Lana grabs his gun as the stalker calls again, saying she deserves it. The guard grabs her leg, sending her tumbling down the stairs.

Lana wakes up at the hospital with Martha and Dr. Langston, and the doctor informs her the baby is fine. He gives her a mild sedative and Mack arrives to transfer her to a safe room. Langston provides a room in the old wing for them to secure.

Jimmy and Clark go to Esposito’s apartment and find CDs with photos of Lana, including some of her taking photos of Clark’s barn. They get a call from Martha that Lana’s at the hospital and Clark superspeeds away to get there.

Lana wakes up in the old wing alone with the phone ringing. She answers it to talk to Chloe, but then a man starts taking photos of her. She runs away from him as he snaps more pictures of her. Clark grabs him and knocks him away and Mack shows up to take the man, Esposito, away. Clark tends to Lana for a second and then a gun shot rings out: Mack was forced to kill Esposito when he tried to attack him.

Later at the manor, Mack assures Lana that Lex will be arriving the next day due to the snow storm. Mack notes that Lex shouldn’t have left her alone and mentions that he’s sent everyone else home. Mack talks about all the other girls Lex has had and how she’s not like them. Lana quickly realizes Mack’s her stalker and he’s mentally disturbed at how he thinks Lex is corrupting her. Lana asks for him to help her get out, and then hits him in the head with a bottle and locks herself in another room. Mack has cut the phone wires and starts to hack down the door. He comes in and finds an open window going outside.

Chloe is going over the photos Esposito had of Lana at Clark’s barn and then discovers a photo of Martha from the previous evening at a ceremony, so they figure out someone else took the pictures of Lana in her bedroom.

Lana is on the roof when Mack catches up to her. He grabs her and starts choking her, and she knocks them both through a skylight. Mack dies in the fall and a stunned Lana finds herself… held by Clark.

Later at the Planet, Chloe suggests that since Lana didn’t show Lex the photos, he can trust her. Jimmy comes in, mad that Clark left him at Esposito’s, but then understands Clark’s concern for Lana. Clark leaves Jimmy and Chloe to work out their differences and they kiss and make up.

Lana wakes up to find Lex standing over her. Once Lana explains she went to the Kent farm because it was the last place anyone would look for her, Lex says he trusts her. After he leaves, she goes to her drawer… and the chisel is missing.

Clark is working in the barn when Lex arrives to verbally spar with him and then finally give him an invitation to their wedding, to make Lana happy and remind Clark of what he’s lost.

This episode wasn't bad, but did it have to be a Lana-centric one?  Boy, Lana is really close to finding out Clark's secret and luckily Chloe was able to give him the 411 about that.  Right now, he won't tell Lana about himself because she's involved with Lex and you can't blame him.

We also got to see what living with Lex has done to the pink princess.  When she was staying with Chloe and then at the Kent farm, she became Miss Snoopy Pants and started poking around where she didn't belong.

Throughout this episode, didn't you just want to cheer for the stalker so that he could finish Lana off?  Forget her wearing the lingerie that he got for her, just put a bullet in her head and be done with it man!!  Alas that was not meant to be.  Clark had to do the right thing and save her sorry ass.  Damn it!!

Again, I liked the parts that Jimmy was in.  This was the first time that his scenes were not funny, which was alright.  He finally got to work with Clark, something that he will do a lot of in the future and it was good of Clark to set him straight on what is going on between him and Chloe.  I'm glad that Jimmy and Chloe are back together.  We all know that they broke up because Chloe was protecting Clark's secret but with some assistance from him, those two crazy kids got back together.

You just have to love the evil Lex.  He is finally the guy we all know and loathe.  The best part with him was in the final scene with Clark.  Handing Clark the invitation, just to rub his nose in it was freakin' brilliant.  I also loved how Clark got in Lex's face then as well.  If I was Clark, I would've ripped up the invitation, tossed in Lex's face and tell him where to go.  Luckily it was Clark that Lex did that to because I know some people who wouldn't have taken that crap from Lex and let him walk out.  I can also say that Lex has taken over the role of the Magnificent Bastard from his old man.  Speaking of Lionel, I miss him and I wonder when he'll be back.

Any way, when that wedding happens, it won't go off as planned.  Plus I've heard what happens to Lex and Lana's spawn.  If you want to know, you know where to find me.

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