Mark Clark (mark_clark) wrote,
Mark Clark

The Calm Before the Storm

It's nice to be done my V-Day fic because it frees up a lot of my time. I can finally catch up on reading the fics over at 12 Days but it will be a slow process. Plus, I was able to beta sean_montgomery's fic today. So, that kept me busy and out of trouble, lol.

I hear that bad weather is coming my way and it appears that we'll get dumped on by some snow. We got some today but it was light. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow and I hope we don't get as much as predicted.

In just a matter of days, pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training. What a perfect time especially with the coming snow that we're about to get. Spring Training will take my mind off of the bad weather.
Tags: baseball, fan fiction
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