Mark Clark (mark_clark) wrote,
Mark Clark

The Storm is Here

Yep, we are finally getting some snow and probably a lot of it. So, it won't be pretty outside tomorrow. I'll just have to deal with it but hopefully we won't get as much snow as predicted.
Today I put on the finishing touches to Affairs of the Heart. It's already for posting tomorrow. Maybe my fic will help the readers forget about the terrible weather they may be experiencing.

Another thing that will get my mind off the weather is what happens Thursday. No, it's not that there will be a new episode of Smallville but it's the first day of Spring Training. Too bad it won't feel like spring here but it will, eventually.

Plus, if anyone on my f-list hasn't sent me there well wishes for V-Day tomorrow, here's your last chance.

My Valentinr - mark
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Tags: baseball, fan fiction, smallville
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