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Smallville - Freak

Here's a recap to the last episode of Smallville followed by my bits of wisdom.  As always, I would like to thank for the recap.

Chloe and Lana go bowling for Lana’s bachelorette party and Chloe is taking pictures. A person working working there, Daniel Kim, seems to notice something about Chloe and then comes over to help them bowl. He uses some ability to direct Lana’s ball as she bowls, helping her out. She gently turns down his come on and he backs off, but Chloe notices something is up. Meanwhile a man brings in a teenager wearing glasses. The boy takes off his glasses then spots the boy helping Lana. The two man then grab the boy as he leaves the bowling alley and throw him into a van. Chloe comes out to check on him and narrowly avoids being run down.

The next morning Chloe brings Clark to investigate what happened and he avoids her asking him about his plans for the Lex & Lana marriage. Clark ducks the issue but they’re puzzled when the kidnapped boy arrives and says he blacked out. At the manor, Lex is preparing for the wedding but is overly curious about what Chloe was doing. After Lana leaves, a Dr. Bethany arrives and says that the boy, Tobias, is impatient for his cornea transplant and they’re worried that if they keep stalling he’ll keep on pestering them about the transplant. Lex tells him to reassure Tobias.

Chloe has determined a trial of abductions of people with meteor powers who are released with their memories wiped. Clark suspects Lex, and Chloe has a photo of Tobias Rice, a boy blinded in the last meteor shower and pointing at Daniel. They go to visit Tobias who denies he was identifying anyone. When he drops a glass, Clark comes to the rescue and knocks off his glasses. Clark and Chloe both notice that Tobias seems to see something, and when they leave Clark listens in on Tobias calling Bethany and saying he’s spotted another one.

Lana goes to see Chloe and ask about Chloe’s absence, and she says she was worried Daniel was a stalker. When Lana pushes it, Chloe says she thinks Lex was involved but Lana is skeptical. Clark goes to see Dr. Bethany at the hospital and he denies knowing Daniel and says Tobias’ case is confidential. Clark creates a diversion to take Bethany’s laptop. He goes to the Talon and finds Jimmy desperately looking for a missing Chloe. Clark gives the computer to Jimmy to decipher then goes to confront Tobias to ask him where Dr. Bethany is. Tobias doesn’t know what Bethany is up to with the kidnappings and says that Chloe was the one he saw who had superpowers.

In a secret laboratory, Chloe is strapped down and the subject of scanning and experimentation.

The next morning Lana talks to Lex about Tobias, and he denies any knowledge of him. Chloe arrives at the Talon and a desperate Jimmy embraces her, but Chloe has no memory of the previous evening. Clark doesn’t reveal what Tobias told him. Dr. Bethany goes to Lex and admits his computer was stolen. When Bethany admits there was some info on LuthorCorp on the laptop, Lex tells him to bring Tobias to him.

Lana goes to visit Tobias and offers to protect him because he’s being exploited. Tobias refuses as he wants his transplant, and she says he might be endangering someone, hinting at Clark. But Tobias admits that he didn’t detect any infection on Clark.

Chloe is working on the computer that night while Clark eyes her and Chloe wonders what’s up. Clark doesn’t admit to anything and Chloe figures out that Bethany has GPS tracking on meteor freaks. Jimmy comes in to announce that Daniel Kim died in a supposed car accident, and another one just died as they watched the monitor. There’s a green dot indicating Chloe and after they get Jimmy out, Chloe has Clark x-ray her for the implant. She insists that he use his heat vision to remove it and despite his concerns, Clark reluctantly does it.

Lana is getting Tobias out when Bethany arrives to claim his surgery is ready. Tobias goes to get his coat but cuts the power, plunging the house into darkness. Jimmy comes back in to see Clark and Chloe with the implant. They then pick up one last green dot, Tobias. Bethany is prepared to kill first Lana and then Tobias with an electrical gun designed to fake a heart attack. Tobias confronts the doctor with a gun and shoots him focusing on his voice. Bethany attacks him and the two struggle. Lana grabs Tobias’ gun while Bethany gets his weapon and prepares to shoot Tobias. Clark arrives and at superspeed deflects the bullet Lana shoots at Bethany, then bounces back the electric charge at Bethany, killing him. He leaves while Lana and Tobias are left puzzled. As Lana goes to call the police, she notices the deflected bullet.

Later Clark comes to the house and talks to Tobias, who mentions that Lana suspected Clark was infected by the meteors. Tobias admits he told Lana that he didn’t detect anything unusual with Clark. Clark has made arrangements with Oliver Queen for Tobias to get the corneal transplant and the boy takes off for Star City. Lana is there and talks about how lives were miraculously saved, and shows him the deflected bullet. Clark claims it was a ricochet and thanks her for trying to cover for him.

Lana goes back to the manor where Lex wants to know why she didn’t come to him for help. She says she saw Lex with Bethany and he spins a cover story, and denies everything, swearing on the soul of his unborn child.

Clark goes to see Chloe who has figured out that Tobias was focused on her. She’s concerned that she may be a latent and Clark assures her he’ll be there for her. Later at the manor, Lex is alone and reviewing the tapes of Chloe being experimented on.  Over the phone, Lex informs an associate to keep an eye on Chloe.

A very interesting episode despite having a lot of Lana in it.  We finally get to see her look into Clark's "abilities".  Throughout the episode, Lana thinks that Clark is meteor rock infected, of course that is not the case.  I did find it interesting that there would be a meteor infected person with the ability to seek others out.  What really surprised me was that Chloe is one of the infected people.  Never saw that coming especially since she hasn't shown any powers.  Too bad she gets abducted and tested on because of it and then doesn't remember being taken at all.

In order to protect Clark, Lana wants to give Tobias his transplant but asks him if Clark is one of the infected.  Tobias tells her that Clark is normal, which surprises Lana.  At first, I thought that would stop her from digging.  But when Tobias and Lana are confronted by his doctor and all hell breaks loose, Clark had to come in to save the day.  By doing so, Clark deflects a bullet, which Lana finds later.  It appears now she has more questions than answers concerning Clark.

Lex was definitely his evil self in this episode.  He is really playing Lana like a violin here and doesn't really care as long as he gets what he wants from 33.1.  Lana is such a fool for believing in Lex but it appears that she may be losing some trust in him.  That may be an issue when it comes to the wedding.  What really has me worried is that he will be keeping tabs on Chloe.

I do wonder how Chloe got infected or if her being IDed as a meteor infected person was due to exposure to kryptonite.  The good thing is that Clark will be there to help her when/if she manifests some ability.  The coolest part of the episode was when Clark used his heat vision to remove the GPS chip that was in Chloe.  That part was just, awesome.  I was surprised that Chloe didn't pass out but she proved to be one tough lady.  You did have to feel for Clark because this was something he has never done with his powers and what he did took a lot of control.

With everything that happened in this episode, it makes you wonder how it will effect future ones.  Only time will tell.

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