Mark Clark (mark_clark) wrote,
Mark Clark

A Return of the Deep Freeze

After experiencing a couple of days of warmer weather, we're headed back to the cool side starting tonight.  I just hope it's just the night that will be cold because the warmer days are wonderful.  I know we are not done with winter yet but some slightly warmer temps would be nice.

On the story front, I have a pretty good idea on the title for my next fic.  I'm not going to start on it just yet because there are still some things that I need to work out.  I have a feeling that this one shot could longer than my last one because what I want to happen may take several pages/words to come up with.  Whatever length it winds up to be will be all right.

Spring Training continues on.  Position players will be due to report in a day or two but there are some that are already in camp.  It's strange to think about baseball with snow on the ground but it's nice to know that with ST, spring is just around the corner as long as it doesn't take it's sweet time getting here.
Tags: baseball, fan fiction
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