Mark Clark (mark_clark) wrote,
Mark Clark

Ah, Good...

Those paczkis are good. Yummy yum yum. Out of observance of Ash Wednesday, I will not partake in any of the tasty treats that I still have left but boy am I tempted.

There was some good TV watching last night especially on Veronica Mars.

Something happened in that episode that I never saw coming. This little part will be protected by an LJ cut because I don't want to offend htbthomas because she will be very upset at me if she finds out what happened before actually watching the episode.
Any way, you'll have to highlight this next section to find out what I'm talking about. The sheriff of Neptune has met his maker. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, sheriff Lamb is dead and now Keith Mars is the acting sheriff thanks to the commissioner. I never saw that coming but I'm glad that Lamb is gone, never liked the stupid prick in the first place. When I do the recap and review for this episode, I'll go into more detail.

The melting continues around here, which is nice because I love the above freezing temperatures.
Tags: tv
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