Mark Clark (mark_clark) wrote,
Mark Clark

It's Quiet, Too Quiet

There was no problem in getting the windshield replaced but it was very time consuming.  It needed to be done before it got worse or something happened to it while either me or my dad was driving the car.  Hopefully nothing will happen to this one for a very long time.

I feel that some time next week, I'll begin my next epic.  It's part of the next 12 Days event, which should be very interesting.  This one will be slightly different from the previous entries but it should be enjoyable.  One thing that I will wonder is when will my posting day be.  Well, I hope to get a good jump start on this one and have it ready ahead of time.  Wish me luck.

Nothing new on the Tigers front.  The time is slowly ticking down to when they start playing.  For a week or so, some of the regulars will start games with other minor league players.  The starters will only play a few innings and in the latter ones, they'll be replaced by others.  This way, several players can have some game action.  By the time there is a week or so left in the exhibition season, the regular guys will be starting to get ready for the season.  Can't wait to see the makeup of the 2007 Detroit Tigers but I think they will be pretty much the same group of guys as they had from last year, with a few minor additions.

I was able to watch another episode of Heroes.  Right now, HRG really has a hand in almost everything.  I'm not too sure of his intentions but I think they are not good.  As I continue to watch more, I hope to get a handle on this guy and try to figure out what his agenda is.

Tags: baseball, fan fiction, tv
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