Mark Clark (mark_clark) wrote,
Mark Clark

Fandom Appreciation Week - Challenge 2

Here are my 5 recs as part of Fandom Appreciation Week. These are the most recent ones that I have read and they are very good, so give them a try.

1. V-Day Fic Challenge 12 Days of Clois: The Bathroom Floor - by mikachoo108 Cat: Superman Returns. This was an interesting story involving Lois, Clark and Jason.

2. V-Day Fic Challenge 12 Days of Clois: A Fresh Coat of Paint - by jess_squirrel Cat: Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman. An excellent Lois and Clark story that has the Daily Planet's top reports preparing for a new addition.

3. xmenflashfic Challenge: Letters Staff Meeting - by sionnain Cat: Astonishing X-Men I really enjoyed this fic, especially the way it was written. A series of emails was an interesting way to have it written and it was done wonderfully.

4. xmenflashfic Challenge: Weather Warm Air Rising - by minarya Cat: X-Men movieverse post-X2 A fantastic fic that had Scott and Ororo sitting on the mansion's roof, remembering the improtance of what the day meant to the both of them. A fantastic read.

5. xmenflashfic Challenge: Apology Tempered - by emothy Cat: X-Men - The Animated Series set during the Phoenix Saga This was yet another wonderful X-Men story and featured my two favourite X-Men. Jean Grey accepted the task of being Phoenix for the greater good but had no regrets but she does feel somewhat sad for Scott who is left behind because of it.

If you haven't already, come on and enjoy the fandom fun. This is just for one week and you can take part at anytime.
Tags: fan fiction
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