Mark Clark (mark_clark) wrote,
Mark Clark

How Sweep it is!!

The boys are back just the way I like them. The Tigers completed their first sweep of the season by closing out their home stand with a series sweep of the Baltimore Orioles. Gary Sheffield had a big day for the boys in the ole English D with four hits, including a home run. It appears that Shef is getting out of his season beginning slump. The Tigers need his bat to get the offense going and because of that, I believe the others who are battling slumps will get going as well.

Tigers 3, Orioles 2

Last night was the first new episode of Veronica Mars. I can't say much about last night's episode or a friend of mine will have my head, I'm talking about you htbthomas , lol. Any way the format for the remaining episodes is different. Each new episode is self-contained. That means that there will be no ongoing story from episode to episode like in the past.

Today, I received some sad news about a fan fic author that I had followed and talked to. I got a story alert from one of her stories so I went to check it out and realized that her sister made an entry that said she had died. I was shocked to say the least. The reason for the post was that she was getting requests for a sequel, which I talked to her about some time ago. Too bad a drunk driver took that chance away. I would like to ask all of you to keep Justine's family in your thoughts and prayers. Even though the accident happened a while ago, today was the first day her fan fic fans heard about it. To my entire f-list, please don't drink and drive because you never know what can happen when you get behind the wheel while impaired. If you do drink, please use a designated driver because you may not only save your life but someone else's as well.
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